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State of the Browser


This year we have a range of tickets:

Single Ticket (£30)
This is a normal ticket that will get you in to the conference and is our cheapest ticket.
Diversity Ticket (£50)
This includes 2 tickets: one for yourself and one for another person who needs help getting a ticket.
More about Diversity Tickets.
Helper Ticket (£40)
This is the ticket you need if you think Wow this is cheap, and you want to help out by donating an extra £10.

All of the tickets get you exactly the same on the day.

Those that choose a Diversity or Helper ticket will get a mention here, on the website, if you wish.

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Diversity tickets

A way for you to enable more people to attend State of the Browser.

How do Diversity Tickets work?
With your purchase of a Diversity Ticket, you will receive a ticket to State of the Browser, and you will also enable another person to come and enjoy the conference as well.
Who receives the extra ticket?
Anyone from an under-represented group or in a financial situation which makes buying a ticket normally difficult is encouraged to apply for a diversity ticket.